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About Daniel H. Kolber

Daniel H. Kolber


Daniel H. Kolber started his legal career with a major Wall Street law firm in New York City. Also, he has co-founded and served as chief operating officer of a regional airline, and founded and served as chief executive officer of several securities firms and investment advisory firms in addition to Intellivest Securities, Inc. and Intellivest Securities Research, Inc. He has been credited by Inc. Magazine and the Wall St. Journal with designing the zero coupon convertible note for use in the private sector. He has been featured in a book published by Inc. Magazine profiling his creative use of this instrument. 

He holds the following securities licenses: General Securities Principal (Series 24), Financial and Operations Principal (Series 27), Municipal Securities Principal (Series 53), Registered Options Principal (Series 4), Research Principal (Series 87), Investment Banker (Series 79) and Registered Investment Advisor (Series 65). 

His education is as follows: New York University School of Law, Ll.M., 1981;  University of Virginia School of Law, J.D., 1978; and Boston University, B.A., 1975, magna cum laude. He is an active member of the following bars: Virginia  (1978); Florida (1978); New York (1979) and Georgia (1985). Dan Kolber has the "AV" rating by Martindale-Hubbell, its highest ranking for lawyers.

Since 2001, Kolber has written a monthly column entitled "Legal Strategies" for Atlanta's leading business newspaper. He has published numerous  magazine articles and has published a book entitled "Starting and Operating a  Small Business" co-published by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the American Bar Association. He has been quoted in virtually every major U.S. business publication such as The Wall St. Journal, Business Week, N.Y. Times, as well as NPR. He has served as a speech writer for several prominent national  political figures across the political spectrum. A list of many of his articles can be found below.

Kolber can read Spanish. He is a marathoner and ranked triathlete having qualified for the 2010 USA Triathlon Intermediate Distance Age Group National Championship and the 2011 World Sprint National Champion where he will represent the USA as a member of Team USA in Beijing, China later this year.

Daniel H. Kolber’s Articles

Unless otherwise indicated, the following articles were written by Daniel H. Kolber for his regular column, “Legal Strategies,” (formerly “Money Strategies”) in the Atlanta Business Chronicle Some articles in other publications are included. Also included are Atlanta Business Chronicle roundtable discussions where he was the moderator or panelist.

Get familiar with environmental laws - (12/31/10)
Social investors go for-profit - (11/26/10)
Be clear that no signature means no deal - (10/29/10)
Laws protect workers from retaliation - (9/24/10)
Some new laws could be comedic fodder - (8/27/10)
Do your own research before investing - (7/23/10)
Don’t waive right to jury trial - (6/25/10)
Proposed bill to alter financial landscape - (5/28/10))
Central America prime for biz opportunities - ((4/23/10)
Don’t let charismatic con artists fool you - (3/26/10)
Case limits powers of owners’’ groups - (2/26/10)
Case offers hope for wronged travelers - (1/22/10)
Case serves as warning for false swearing - (12/18/09)
Swiss have the right ideas for business - (11/20/09)
Case serves as a warning for mall tenants - (10/30/09)
Case shows arbitration can be a trap - (9/25/09)
Time to change the almighty Dow - (9/25/09)
Court confirms doctrine for slip and fall - (8/28/09)
Being a “secret” agent a perilous profession - (7/24/09)
Avoiding silly indemnification agreements - (6/26/09)
A bizarre case of money had and received - (5/22/09)
Injunctions are the strong arm - (4/17/09)
Case of legal self-help goes awry - (3/20/09)
Consider receivership to protect assets - (2/27/09)
Money dispute? Try accord and satisfaction - (1/23/09)
Unhappy customer takes on utility and wins - (12/19/08)
What you should know about foreclosure - (11/21/08)
Understanding Georgia’s campaign laws - (10/17/08)
Court uphold state’s first bite-free rule - (9/19/08)
Don’t lien on me: what you need to know - (8/22/08)
What a long, strange legislative trip its been - (7/18/08)
How to sue on an open account in Georgia - (6/20/08)
Beware new threats to online accounts - (4/25/08)
Recent case clear: written demands pay off - (4/2/08)
Writing an affidavit is truly an art form - (3/28/08)
Know your rights under Georgia’s bill of rights - (3/7/08)
You are what you eat, so know food laws - (1/25/08)
Smart Business Atlanta Magazine: Unincorporated corporations - 12/07)
Actions: what you should know - (1/23/07)
Selling a business? What you need to know - (11/23/07)
Internet attacks can be repelled by law - (10/26/07)
Just say no to one sided business deals - (9/28/07)
A guide to understanding contracts, Letterman-style - (8/24/07)
What a long, strange legislative trip it’s been - (7/27/07)
SEC proposal could ease capital burden - (6/29/07)
Know how to protect your business - (5/25/07)
Case expands your screening obligations - (4/27/07)
Smart Business Atlanta Magazine: What everyone should know about a basic employment agreement - (4/07)
Know the weight of weights and measures laws - (3/23/07)
If adversary is a racketeer, consider RICO - (2/23/07)
Fight back when insurance won’t pay - (1/26/07)
Help is available to those with tax trouble - (11/24/06)
Defining terms can be a risky business - (10/27/06)
Top 10 ways to avoid franchise traps - (9/22/06)
Law offers protection from theft of services - (8/25/06)
What a long, strange legislative trip its been - (7/28/06)
Nice guys finish last in contract disputes - (6/23/06)
Unsolicited merchandise: finders keepers - (5/26/06)
Make sure you get paid for services rendered - (4/28/06)
Remedies abound for promises forsaken - (3/24/06)
Round table: going global - (3/10/06)Computer theft law misused business spats - (4/24/06)
Fight back against abusive litigation - (1/27/06)
It’s not criminal to be prepared - (1/6/06)
Protect yourself from ERISA lawsuits - (11/25/05)
The Fulton Daily Report (Georgia): The Kolber Formula: how to nail punitive offenders (10/31/05)
Make sure you are minimum wage savvy - (10/28/05)
Good intent leads to legal land mines - (9.23/05)
Round table: The creative edge - (9/22/05)
Handle unincorporated organizations with care - (8/26/05)
The Atlanta Lawyer: David H. Gambrell - Lawyer’s Lawyer, Statesman, Historian - (8/05)
To avoid lawsuits, adopt good hiring procedures - (7/22/05)
Defamation claims can sting the careless - (6/24/05)
Knowledge of discrimination laws vital - (5/27/05)
Under oath, linguistic fraud will only hurt - (4/22/05)
Callers doing business; beware new law - (3/25/05)
Fight one-sided computer deals - 3/11/05)
Letter Etiquette a firecracker in arsenal - (1/28/05)
Know your rights if you receive a bad check - (12/31/04)
The Georgia Trade Secrets Act has teeth - (11/26/04)
Smart Business Atlanta Magazine: Are your independent contractors really employees? - 11/04)
Beware of the voluntary payment doctrine - (10/22/04)
Minority certification brings opportunity - (9/24/04)
Nuances of employment at will - (8/20/04)
Protect your assets with a prenuptial agreement - (7/23/04)
How to survive an oral interrogation - (6/25/04)
How you can survive the dreaded IRS audit - (6/24/04)
Benefits & Compensation Solutions Magazine: What employers need to know about HIPPA’s new privacy rules - (5/04)
What you should know about divorce - (4/23/04)
Beware of the top 10 scams of 2004! - (3/26/04)
If hiring a lawyer doesn’t pay, use self-help - (2/27/04)
Benefits & Compensation Solutions Magazine: employment agreements protect the company and employees (2/04)
Know Your Rights Against Insurers - (1/23/04) 
Polygraphs: Junk Science Or Useful Business Tool – (12/5/03)
All About Restrictive Covenants In Georgia – 10/24/03
What Franchisees Don’t Know Can Hurt Them – 9/26/03
How To Raise Money Offshore Using Reg S – 8/22/03 
A Strip, A Strap, A Straddle Or A Strangle? – Derivatives Demystified – 7/25/03
Tips For Tenants On Commercial Leases – 6/27/03
How To Use Finders In Raising Capital – 5/23/03
Beware Of Fine Print In Your Bank Agreement – 4/25/03
What's In A Name? More Than You May Know - 3/28/03
Guaranteed Another’s Debt? All May Not Be Lost - 2/28/03
Now May Be The Time To Start A Hedge Fund – 1/24/03
Are You Destined To Repeat Your Past Successes? – 1/17/03
Good Employment Contract Covers All Parties – 12/20/02
Do You Know About Accredited Investors? – 11/22/02
What To Know About Multi-State Taxation - 11/8/02
Your Money: Be Sure You Have Access To Your Cash - 10/25/02
Doing Due Diligence Keeps Surprise Out Of Business Buys - 9/27/02
Roundtable Discussion: Is Congress Minding Your Business? (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), Moderator - 9/20/02
Ruling Expands Risks In Business Deals (Georgia Fair Business Practices Act) - 8/30/02
Unregistered Securities Sales Can Weigh Heavily - 8/23/02
Making Stock Options Work For You - 7/26/02
Closely Held Businesses Need Buy-Sell Agreements - 7/5/02
Raise Funding With This Little Known Tool (Regulation A) - 5/24/02
Make A Small Business Valuation Worth It - 4/19/02
Roundtable Discussion: Are You Squeaky Clean? (Accounting Practices), Moderator – 4/12/02
Be Careful To Comply With Workers’ Compensation Law - 3/15/02
Roundtable Discussion: Immigrant Labor, Panelist - 3/8/02
Shield Personal Assets From Business Debt - 2/1/02
Make Independent Contracting Work For You - 1/4/02
Market For New Public Stock Offerings Is Starting To Revive - 12/14/01
Cash Flow 101: The Ins And Outs Of Moving Money - 11/2/01
How To Raise Money from Venture Capitalists - 10/5/01
Squeezing The Most Borrowing Power From Collateral - 9/7/01
The How-Tos Of Writing A Strong Business Plan - 8/3/01
Basics In Raising Capital Through Private Placement - 7/6/01
This Is The Time To Evaluate Your Financial Setup - 6/8/01

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